Lets talk about timing…

by John Eddy on February 12, 2010

So, apart from the bread pudding, which we’ll be posting tomorrow, your meat based dinner is ready.

We’ve talked about when you start the ribs salting (yesterday would be best).

The day before, you’re on your own, because really, you can do whatever you want when you want.

So, lets talk about the day of dinner.

Three hours to dinner

  • Take Ribs out of fridge
  • Prepare the glaze
  • Grab a take out menu as an emergency backup

Two hours to dinner

  • Prepare the cornbread, start to finish

One hour to dinner

  • Remove Beets from fridge
  • Remote sprouts from fridge and prepare (if needed)

45 Minutes to dinner

  • Oven to 300F
  • Open the wine, if you’re so inclined

35 Minutes to dinner

  • Put beets in oven, covered with tinfoil
  • Glaze the ribs

20 minutes to dinner

  • Start the sprouts
  • Turn on the broiler

15 minutes to dinner

  • Put the ribs under the broiler
  • Pour the wine

10 minutes to dinner

  • Take the ribs out and let them rest.

And, most importantly:

The Entire Time

  • Relax. Even if everything outright fails, you’re learning. You’re learning to cook, you’re learning the basics and the nexxt time, it’ll be better.

We’ll be on Twitter all weekend, so if you’re in the middle of cooking one of our dishes (or heck, even someone else’s dishes) and you need help, send us a message. We’re rarely far from Twitter and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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