Saturday’s University District Farmer’s Market Preview

by John Eddy on May 11, 2010

This is a big weekend folks.

This weekend kicks off Seattle’s Street Fair season with the 41st annual University District Street Fair. On the plus side, this means tons of arts and crafts and street fair food up and down the Ave. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking it out. The weather should be awesome this year, so expect great crowds. Sunday is generally a bit less crowded than Saturday, if that matters. For more information on the U-District Street Fair, check here.

The down side is two-fold. First, a number of streets in and around the University District will be closed, including University Ave from Campus Parkway to the south up to 50th to the north. 45th will be available for through east-west traffic, but every other street will be blocked off. You can see the map here.

On the plus side, since it is Saturday, all the parking is paid or limited by hours. Plus, most people don’t show up until closer to Noon, so, if you get to the market for 9am, get your shopping done in an hour, you can probably walk up and down the street fair which opens at 10a, getting out relatively unscathed.

The other downside is that the U-District’s Farmer’s Market is generally a bit smaller. These should be the vendors who are going to be showing up on Saturday:

  • Alm Hill
  • Appel Farms
  • Belle’s Buns
  • Billy’s
  • Canales
  • Cascadia Mushrooms
  • Cha Doua Lor
  • Communi-Tea Kombucha
  • Foraged and Found
  • Holmquist Hazelnuts
  • La Pasta
  • Let Us Farm
  • Little Prague Bakery
  • Loki Fish
  • Mair Farm-Taki
  • McPhail
  • Nash’s Organic
  • Neng Va Cha
  • Olsen
  • Pipitone
  • Port Madison Farm
  • River Farm
  • Rockridge
  • Sea Breeze
  • Skagit River Ranch
  • Stoney Plains
  • Tiny’s Organic
  • Toboton Creek
  • Willapa Hills
  • Willie Greens
  • Youa her & Kaying

Also happening this weekend is an event near and dear to our hearts, the Beat the Bridge race. As you may know, Patricia and I are marathoners, but our competitive running started with this little 8K race. The draw wasn’t the Beat the Bridge part (the race crosses two draw bridges, the second of which raises 20 minutes after the slowest runners start their wave), it is that the race benefits the search for a cure for diabetes. Obviously, a cure for diabetes would really mean the world to me, diabetic that I am.

Now, all of that was just a nice way for us to ask you to sponsor us on our run. There’s still time! We don’t get the money, but the JDRF does. You can head to our donation page and click the Support Seattle Tweaters button on the right hand side.

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