Sometimes, you need a stereotypical guy’s meal

by John Eddy on July 15, 2010

Yes, yes, I admit it. We’ve been quiet the past week. The heat wore us down, we had a mini-vacation, we were burned out and then, now, the flu seems to be affecting half our household and hopefully will not hit this half.

So, meals here have been a little… few and far between. Not much extravagant, just plain, simple food.

Tonight,  the Mrs. was finally willing to eat bigger food again, but nothing too fancy.

Last night, we had quesadillas. Well, she had a plain quesadilla. I had a salmon quesadilla, that was a little over-stuffed. Oops on my part. Tasty though.

Anyways. Tonight. I was talking about tonight. Right? Right.

We both wanted something a bit more substantial, but easy. So, lets just go for a strict order of meat and potatoes.

It’s a feel good meal, we had a steak defrosted for dining this week already, so, a little Coffee Cayenne rub from Homegrown sprinkled over the steak, as well as over the potatoes which were tossed with olive oil and fried up in some lard in a nice cast iron pan.

Side note: Get a cast iron pan. Seriously. Although, and we need to update our post on this topic, if you could only have one stove top pan in your arsenal, I personally would go for a wok (flat-bottomed, if need be), but, the second pan should be a cast iron pan. Third, a small to medium non-stick for frying eggs easily for a quick meal.

The steak was grilled on our gas grill and all was well with the world.

All told? 30 minute meal. A good one too.

The plus side is, we have a recipe or two on deck, we have a restaurant overview to post soon too and we’re both feeling healthy and rested for the most part, so…

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