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by Patricia Eddy on April 11, 2011

Today I’m going to share with you one of our go-to snacks these days, but I’m not going to post the recipe. You see, this particular recipe comes from a blog we’ve talked about many times over the past few weeks. We’ve even posted several of their recipes. In fact, that’s exactly why I’m not posting their recipe here [1]. Instead, I’m going to tell you why we love this particular blog so much and why we think you should go check it out. We’ll talk about the recipe a little bit, but for the ingredients, instructions, and commentary, you really should go check out

The recipe is for Sweet, Stewed Navy Beans. These are beans (white, navy, cranberry, etc) cooked with both sugar and a savory sauce. We’ve been using Zane and Zack’s Chipotle-yaki, a semi-spicy teriyaki sauce. These beans are fantastic. Sweet, savory, and salty all at the same time. We’ve been taking a large container of them to work at the beginning of the week and having 1/2 cup or so in the afternoons for a snack. This recipe is so incredibly simple, and so incredibly delicious. Please, go read about it. Please, make it. You won’t regret it!

Now, onto why we love JustBento so much. First, her recipes are delicious – full of rich flavor and warm spices. But even more, they are designed to be cooked ahead of time and refrigerated for lunches throughout the week. We’re often running around scrambling in the mornings trying to feed the cats and get ready to go to the gym or to work, so recipes that are easily packable and portable are a necessity during the week. We’re even looking for our own bento boxes so we can easily package and carry our lunches whether we’re in the car or taking the bus. We highly recommend her cookbook as well, The Just Bento Cookbook.

Many of the recipes are also meatless, so they are often inexpensive to prepare. They are often legume based, so we get plenty of protein without the expense of beef, pork, or chicken. This is one of the ways we’re trying to save a little extra money these days.

So on this Tuesday, we hope you’ll show a fabulous blog some love. Go, spend some time reading, comment, spread the word. We’ll have a new recipe for you on Wednesday.



[1] As a general rule, we try to limit our posting of recipes that come from other blogs and cookbooks to just a couple of recipes per source. My feeling is that if we’re relying heavily on one particular source for recipes, we should just point you directly to that source. I’ve got no problem using and adapting recipes that others post. After all, that’s part of what makes recipes great. They are infinitely adaptable. A recipe per se isn’t subject to copyright either – only the phrasing of the recipe (the commentary and the exact wording of the steps). But just because technically I COULD blog about everything on another site, provided I used my own words, doesn’t mean it’s right to do so. Personally, I think once you get above three or four recipes from a single site – even if that site is truly massive – it just feels wrong somehow. We hope you won’t mind too much that we’re sending you somewhere else for this recipe, and we hope that you will indeed check out for all of the great bento resources provided.

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