A little more on our Wingnut

by Patricia Eddy on July 21, 2011

Update 7/27: Wingnut is doing well. John and I are happy that he seems to be feeling better. He needs to be largely confined in a kennel for at least another ten days, but the prognosis is good. Many thanks for all of the support. 

Well, I’d hoped to be back posting delicious recipes and local food information, but unfortunately, as of this morning, our little cat Wingnut is back in the hospital and about to undergo another surgery. The past two weeks have been a little rocky with his recovery, though we were encouraged that he wasn’t having major blocking issues any longer and were hoping that he was just one of those cats that is slow to recover. Unfortunately, it became apparent last night that this was not the case.

So we took Wingnut to Animal Surgical Clinic this morning and just left him there for this final surgery. Everyone tells us that this surgery is pretty much it and while there are some complications for this particular surgery (PU surgery – don’t look it up if you’re squeamish), almost all cats who have this surgery never have another blocking incident. So we’re going ahead with the surgery.

Last time I wrote a post like this, I mentioned that this whole saga is coming at a very bad time. With the money we spent on our roof and John losing his job this has been a strain. You, dear readers, have been unbelievably generous. I want to thank each and every one of you. I want to hug you and bake you cookies. I want to give you jam or crochet you coffee sleeves. In fact, for everyone who donated, I will be asking you if I can send you a coffee sleeve once I get over this latest stress-explosion of this surgery and can gather my thoughts in a somewhat cohesive manner.

For those of you who might want to still help, the PayPal link is still on the sidebar of the blog, as well as at the end of this post. You can also get something for your donation and buy a coffee sleeve from my Etsy shop. However, all we really want from all of you is a little understanding at our absence from posting recipes, and healing thoughts for our Wingnut.

Donation Link for Wingnut’s Vet Bills

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Another Marisa July 22, 2011 at 8:15 am

Sending hugs for you guys and for little Wingnut.

Janna July 23, 2011 at 8:19 am

I’m so glad Wingnut is doing well and eating. He’s very lucky to have you and John as parents.

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