Previewing the Summer Menu at Six Seven

by Patricia Eddy on July 24, 2012

DISCLOSURE NOTICE: This post is about a very generous dinner (with wine) we received for free from Six Seven and The Edgewater Hotel.

If you’ve played tourist in Seattle very much, you’ve probably heard of The Edgewater Hotel. There’s a very famous photo of The Beatles fishing out of their hotel room at The Edgewater in 1964. The hotel is perfectly situated right over Elliott Bay for beautiful views of the mountains, the water, and the ferries going back and forth to Bainbridge and Vashon. One of the most impressive aspects of The Edgewater though, is their restaurant, Six Seven.

The restaurant has amazing full length windows that look out over the bay, and in the evenings, you can see the most beautiful sunsets. While I’m a sucker for sunsets, I have to admit that I paid little attention to the one that occured while we were at this preview dinner because the food was just that good. I hope you’ll check out the gallery in this post to check out how lovely these dishes really were. Let me tell you a little about them.

We started with a delicious appetizer of Chilled Tomato Cappuccino. I’m not a fan of tomato soup, but this was delicious. Chef John Roberts came out to talk to us about this dish and he explained that he was trying to reproduce a pesto flavor with the soup’s garnishes. The tomato soup alone was delicious – full of flavor, rich, velvety, but the garnishes really made the dish. The soup was topped with fried garlic chips, basil olive oil, and Parmesan foam. I’ve often thought that “foams” were dreadfully overdone and something that should be avoided, but this Parmesan foam was delicious.

Next, we had smoked salmon and asparagus, topped with a soft boiled egg. I’ll admit it, I’m predisposed to be in love with just about anything that comes with a soft boiled egg. I’m not sure when exactly this happened, as I used to shy away from any egg not cooked so long that it was practically petrified, but now the sexiness of an oozing egg yolk spreading out over fresh vegetables, potatoes, or some form of protein just  makes me go weak in the knees. This was a perfect dish, and one that I wish I could recreate at home. Yes, I probably could, if it weren’t for my lack of experience cooking soft boiled eggs, something I plan on remedying soon. Oh, and the salmon is local, from Neah Bay.

The next course was an arugula and pear salad. I can’t really speak much about this dish. It was lovely, but it’s a salad. A delicious salad, but a salad. I’d rather just tell you that we both cleaned our plates and move on to the main courses.

Halibut is one of those foods that just evokes spring and summer for me. It’s also one that can go from perfection to horrible in the space of about 3 minutes of cooking time. The halibut at Six Seven was served with asparagus tips, cipollini onions, bacon lardons, artichokes, and cherry tomato heirloom salad. I found it delicious and fresh and I would order it again in a heartbeat. It’s also local, from Neah Bay.

My favorite dish of the night, however, was the one dish that I don’t have a photo for. It was the Braised Short Rib with parsnip puree, baby carrots, mustard greens, parsnip chips, and braisage. I consider short ribs to be one of those dishes that truly shows the talent of the chef. Why? Because they need to be cooked low and slow to render them tender and delicious. Cook them too fast, too hot, or not long enough and they are tough and chewy. Cook them too long (at any temperature) and they simply fall apart in a stringy meaty mess. It takes talent to cook a short rib to the point where it holds its shape, but can still be cut with a spoon. Chef Roberts does just that. I would have liked to have had just a tad bit more sauce (it was a red wine braise) on the short ribs, but otherwise, this dish was perfect. I am still craving it, three weeks later.

For dessert, we enjoyed Meyer Lemon pie. It was light, sweet, tart, and perfectly summer.

Please check out the photo gallery for some (admittedly not perfect) photos. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t ideal in the restaurant, so our photos just don’t do the meal justice. But, if they happen to be reading this and they want some shots for the website, Mr. Cooklocal works cheap and can come in most any weekday around 330, 400.

If you are looking for an impressive meal with an equally impressive view, we hope you’ll check out Six Seven and their new summer menu and a beautiful sunset. The menu will continue, with small changes as the season progresses, through September 21st. Look for a new fall menu to debut on September 22nd.

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