The Oxbow Box Project

by Patricia Eddy on July 29, 2012

Most years, we do a series on CSAs round about mid March or April. We’re lucky here in Seattle to have an abundance of CSAs to choose from. Like fruit? There’s a CSA just for you. Love to be able to pick every item in your box? Well, there’s a CSA for you too. Want delicious, fresh, and organic vegetables? Well, there are A LOT of CSAs for you.

A few months ago, the lovely folks at Oxbow Farms contacted us and asked us if we wanted to take part in a project they were working on. They were giving CSA boxes to local bloggers so they could find out what the bloggers would do with them. We were excited to take part. After all, we live for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our week for the Oxbow Box was actually two weeks ago, but Mrs. Cook Local was training hard for a triathlon on July 22nd, and as such, there was little time for blogging. But now that the triathlon is done, we’re hoping to get a little caught up on our backlog and maybe even get you a few new recipes!

Today I want to tell you just a little bit about Oxbow Farms and their CSA program. On Tuesday, we’ll have a delicious recipe for a shaved turnip salad, and on Thursday, we’ll tell you what we did with the rest of the items in the box.

About Oxbow Farms

Oxbow Farms is a 25 acre farm located in the Snoqualmie valley. They sell at a variety of farmers markets in the local Seattle area, including Ballard, Madrona, and Carnation, as well as the Redmond PCC, Central Coop, and Marigold and Mint. They grow a wide variety of vegetables as well as raspberries and strawberries. Oxbow was started by Sarah Cassidy and Luke Woodward in 1999. They are a small operation, but their produce is top notch.


Oxbow’s CSA lasts 20 weeks, from May through October. They also have a winter CSA that can extend the season another 4 weeks. When you sign up for their CSA, you can choose from a variety of pickup locations, including Redmond, Bellevue, Ballard, Capitol Hill, Carnation, Columbia City, and Mercer Island. For a full listing of their pickup locations, see here.

They offer two sizes. The family size is $630 for the entire season and will feed up to 4 people. The small share is $420 for the season and feeds 1-2 people. Now, before you think that it’s silly that I’m advertising for them when the season has already started, hold on. Oxbow will PRORATE YOUR CSA SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. That’s right. If you still want to sign up, you can still do so for a discount. Right now, there are 14 deliveries left in the season and the family share is $441, with the small share coming in at $294.

The Produce

All of Oxbow’s produce is certified organic and salmon safe. In our box, we had a lovely variety of produce. We had several types of leafy greens, carrots, beets, turnips, and raspberries. Everything was perfectly fresh, including the beet greens. I’ll give you a quick preview of what we did with the raspberries. We ate them. No recipe needed there. We’ll cover the rest of the box over the next few posts.

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