Gone? but not forgotten

by Patricia Eddy on November 13, 2012

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I thought I should pop in and just let everyone know what’s been going on in Cook Local land for the past six months or so. As you’ve probably noticed (well, hopefully you’ve noticed, otherwise my whole reason for posting this is pretty silly), we haven’t been blogging.

It’s not that we don’t want to. Well, maybe it is. We loved blogging. We loved developing new recipes for you and sharing recipes we found with you. We loved taking beautiful photos of food and sharing with them with you. But all of these activities take time. In addition to the time we spent shopping, and cooking, and cleaning, each blog post with wordsmithing, proofreading, and photography took us a couple of hours three to five nights per week.

Between work commitments, Patricia’s triathlon training, which is an 8-10 hour per week “part time job”, and our desire to have some sort of life (for example, we spent half of last year having no time to even see a movie), we’ve decided to take a step back on Cook Local. For months now, we put posting on hold, thinking that after Patricia’s next race, or after the next work deliverable, or after we reorganized the kitchen, we’d be back. But the reality of the matter is that we have some major issues to work through before we can get back to blogging.

Now, don’t get all worried. John and I are fine. We’re happy.┬áHealthy.┬áThe issues I’m talking about are all about time management, diet changes that we need to make to support endurance training, and prioritization.

So, please accept our apologies for our lack of updates. All of our recipes and posts are still available, and will remain so. We have no plans to take the site down and it is very possible that sometime in the next few months, we’ll even start posting again. It’s also possible that we’ll just show up with some random updates like we’re doing today. There might even be a recipe or two.

You can follow us on Twitter and of course we’ll always be around to answer your local food questions. We hope that you’ll forgive our absence and know that we miss our little community. But you can still find us at the farmers markets most every weekend and we still love to cook local.

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