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Cook Local is more than just a site full of recipes, it is a way of life. Our goal is to help people dip their toes into the waters of local, sustainable cooking year round, and when the cooking fails, as it is wont to do, we’ll strive to help you find someplace to eat that meets the same values you hold in your own kitchen.

And, we’ll help you realize that even with those values, the occasional slip is still going to happen and it is nothing to be ashamed of. There’s the occasional political post, the occasional book and music review and, admittedly, the occasional blabbery.

We love what we do, and we hope that it shows.

Like our mission?

Become a supporter!

Every month over 6,000 unique visitors from the area visit our site (not to mention 15,000 unique visitors world wide) with over 22,000 page views. We offer three levels of sponsorship.


You love us, you really love us, and our purpose. Only one of these are available, on a month to month basis (with discounts for multiple months purchased ahead of time). What do you get?

Your banner ad is going to be displayed on the main page between the most recent post and the post before it. It will also be visible on each individual post’s page.

Cost: Varies depending on options, starting at $100/month


Not quite as big of a¬†splash as Entree, these supporters really are the backbone of support for Cook Local. We offer four of these a month, on a month to month basis and, just like above, we’ll give you a discount if you pick up multiple months at once). Logo position will vary, to make sure that all salad sponsors get time in all four slots (so it is totally fair).

All four logos will be placed on each page view, both the main page and on the individual post pages.

Cost: $40 / month


Bargain basement doesn’t mean skimping, and doesn’t mean any less love from us. 2-line text ad in sidebar with link to your site

Cost: $20/ month

Don’t have a logo or a banner ad? We can help for negotiable rates. Don’t have a website? We can help with that too. Don’t want to advertise, but just want to support us? While we’d rather not just take your money, you’re more than welcome to just use PayPal to send us a donation! (We may also be amenable to travellers bringing us far flung ingredients, bottles of alcohol and, best of all, your thanks, comments and referrals.)

Help Support Cook Local!

Other Amount:

Bonus benefits for our sponors?

Our love, adoration, random baked good deliveries, and our public thanks each month.

The part we need to be honest about: The benefit it won’t get you is our leaving objectivity by the wayside. We need to be honest, and any comments we make that include you will also include the fact that you’re one of our sponsors.

So, after all of that, are you interested? Drop us an email and lets talk.

Are you a farmer or a farmers’ market? Are you a restaurant that serves ethical/sustainable meats and seafoods?

If you’re a local farmer or farmers market, or if you’re on our list of ethical/sustainable restaurants, you get 10% off any advertising order.

The fine print

We will evaluate our sponsorship rates every six months. If we raise our rates and you have an existing advertising contract with us at the time we raise our rates, your contract will be honored at the existing rates. If we lower our rates, you’ll be able to adjust your contract to those lower rates.

If you’re interested in sponsoring us for as short of a time as two weeks, we’ll be happy to work with you.

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