Since we’ve been cooking locally for more than four years now, we’ve got recipes for just about every fruit, vegetable, mushroom, or herb you can find in Puget Sound. We’re also pretty adventurous, so trying new things doesn’t phase us in the least. But we realize that’s not true for everyone. Maybe you just opened your CSA box for the week and you’ve got bunches of purslane and no clue what to do with them. Or maybe you were at your favorite booth at one of the local farmers markets and you picked up a daikon radish because it just looked so cool.

Well, we can help. We’ve provided a sort of encyclopedia of the common fruits and vegetables that you’ll find in Puget Sound at the local farmers markets. On these pages, you’ll find some basic nutritional information, a little history, recipe links, and our favorite ways of cooking each item. We hope you’ll find these pages useful. Don’t see an ingredient you’re looking for? Just send us an email and we’ll try to take care of that.

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