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We can’t cook every night, nor do we want to. Seattle and surrounding areas have such a wealth of wonderful restaurants that we can’t help but want to eat out once in a while. When we do eat out, however, we want to know that the restaurants we patronize are serving meat and seafood that we can feel good about eating.

We’re compiling a list of Seattle area restaurants that source their meat from ethical sources and choose sustainable seafood. This is by no means a compete list, so if your favorite restaurant is not on the list, do not assume they source badly. They might not be on the list because we haven’t contacted them yet, or because whether they source ethically or not, they asked not to be listed on our website, or because they chose not to confirm or deny the type of meat they use. We will be updating this list regularly as we obtain more information. The seafood column is a little light on information because when we started this list, we weren’t asking about seafood. However it seemed like a natural extension, so we are working on obtaining all of that information as well.

Defining ethical sources can be tricky. I’d love to say that all of these restaurants use only grass fed beef, truly pastured pork and chickens, and eggs from chickens that spend their time outside, in an egg-mobile. Unfortunately, the ethical/sustainable debate isn’t that simple. So, what I’ve done is include ranch information whenever possible. Take Painted Hills and Oregon Country beef, for example. Both are larger operations, and they aren’t strictly grass-fed. But they are hormone and antibiotic free, and that fact requires that their cows, while fed grain after a certain age, and while moved from pure pasture to another facility/lot, aren’t kept in the horrid conditions of your run of the mill CAFO. My minimums for meat that I will consume at a restaurant is that it is hormone and antibiotic free.

Also, please note that this list does not cover vegetarian restaurants since by definition, they serve no meat.

If you’ve contacted any of your local restaurants, or you’re a local restaurant owner or chef and would like us to know that you source ethically, please email us and we will add you to our list.

We’re working on separate lists for Western Washington, Eastern Washington, and Portland. If you have recommendations for restaurants that are outside of Seattle that meet these ethical and sustainable sourcing guidelines, please email us!

RestaurantMeatSeafood Notes
50 NorthAllAllThey use local ingredients, including Taylor Shellfish, Painted Hills, and Bluebird Grain farms.
Baguette BoxAllBaguette Box is part of the Monsoon family.
Bizzaro CafeAllMuch of their produce is local/within 100 miles. Check their menu for details.
Blackboard BistroAllAllBlackboard Bistro sources from local sources when possible, and ethical sources other times. Their meat is hormone and antibiotic free. They use Thundering Hooves beef in their sliders.
The Blue GlassSee menuSee menuThe Blue Glass sources their sausage and bacon from Maple Rock Farms. Their eggs are labeled "free range", and all of their meats are hormone and antibiotic free.
Blue Moon BurgersAllAllBlue Moon Burgers uses Thundering Hooves beef. Their pork and chicken is also non-CAFO. Salmon burgers are from wild salmon.
BOKA Restaurant and BarAllBOKA is making the transition to organic certification.
Caprice KitchenAllAllChef Anne-Catherine shops the farmers markets for her supplies.
Charlie's Buns and StuffBeefn/aCharlie's sources their meat from a local distributor of sustainable meats.
Coastal KitchenMostCheck the menu and ask your server for details.
The Counter BurgerBeefThe counter uses hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef raised with ethical practices. We are still confirming their other meats.
DelanceyAllAllBrandon and Molly shop the farmers markets and cook seasonably.
Duke's Chowder HouseAllAll
Eats Cafe (West Seattle)Beef and PorkWe are verifying if their other meats are CAFO free as well.
Emmer and RyeAllAllEmmer and Rye sources from local farms for their meat, seafood, and vegetables. You can often find Chef Caswell at the farmers markets on the weekends.
Frank's Oyster HouseNatural meats (in particular the chicken)AllFrank's serves sustainable seafood and natural meats. They also use organic produce when they can. Ask about individual meat items on their menu as sources may vary.
Golden BeetleAllAllGolden Beetle is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. They use local farms and foragers for their ingredients.
Grand Central BakeryMeats and EggsGrand Central Bakery and Cafes sources our meat and eggs from a variety of sources including Oregon Country beef, Draper Valley, and Thundering Hooves.
Harborside RestaurantAllAllHarborside adheres to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List for all of their seafood. All of their meat is naturally raised (hormone and antibiotic free) and much of it is also certified organic and local. Ask your server for details or check the menu for ranch information.
HerbfarmAllAllMuch of their food is from their own farm.
Hitchcock RestaurantAllAllTheir philosophy is: "real food, procured from people we know, prepared lovingly."
Homegrown SandwichesAllAllCheck their chalkboard for specifics. They update it regularly.
Jolly Roger Tap RoomSomeSome - check the menu or ask your server.They source ethically for some of their meat and seafood. Check your menu and ask your server for details.
La BoucherieAllAllThey source their restaurant from their farm and farmers markets.
Local360AllAllFrom their website: "We believe in sustainability, not as an abstract concept, but as a conscious daily choice."
Mashiko'sAllMashiko is Seattle's first completely sustainable sushi restaurant!
Monsoon and Monsoon EastAll
Naked City BrewingAllAllNaked City strives to use local, organic, and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Their menu lists either the source or the quality (natural, hormone and antibiotic free, free range, etc) of their meats and seafoods.
Naos AllAllNaos uses local and organic meats and produce.
Portage Bay CafeAllAll
PublicanMost if not allNone currently on menuPublican strives to use local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. Their beef is NW sourced and pasture raised. The chicken is free range.
Rain City BurgersBeefRain City Burgers uses Painted Hills Natural Beef for their burgers.
Ray's BoathouseMostMost
RidgebackCafeAllN/ARidgeback Cafe uses all sustainably sourced meats.
Russell's BarnMostAsk your server for details. The lamb in particular is fantastic.
SalumiPorkWe're waiting on confirmation of their other meats, though confidence is high.
Sand Point GrillMostAllSand Point Grill offers local and sustainable ingredients. While not every meat source is listed on their menu, they use Long Valley Ranch grass fed beef for their burger. Ask your server for additional details.
Sitka and SpruceManyAllSitka and Spruce offers local and sustainable sourcing and a seasonal menu.
Skillet Street FoodAllAllMost everything from Skillet will be CAFO free and sustainable.
Sky City/Space NeedleBeef, chicken, pork, eggs all hormone and antibiotic free. Also serve Jidori chicken. AllMushrooms from WA, OR, BC. Emmer from Bluebird Grain, hazelnuts and hazelnut oil from Holmquist. Uses seasonal produce whenever possible.
Smokin' Pete's BBQBeef, chicken, porkTheir hot links are Hempler's. Hempler uses CAFO free beef, but they don't list their pork source.
Spring HillAllAll
Stumbling Goat BistroAllNew owners have maintained commitment to local and sustainable.
Taste at SAMAllAllTaste cooks seasonably, often sourcing from farmers markets.
Tidbit BistroMostMostTheir cured meats come from Italy and they cannot guarantee they are non-CAFO. However, it is very likely they are.
Their fish is all bought locally, but we have not yet verified sustainability.
TilthAllAllTilth is organic and sustainable across the board.
UrbaneMostMostUrbane sources the majority of their menu items from within 200 miles of their restaurant. While the specific farms change often, their menu reflects many of the farms. Ask you server for more information about specific meats and seafoods.
Verve Wine BarBeef, pork, and chicken is hormone and antibiotic free, west coast based.AllVerve buys their shellfish from Taylor Shellfish and the rest of their fish is wild-caught Alaskan seafood.
Where Ya At Matt?BeefWhere Ya At Matt uses Painted Hills beef.

Our dream is that someday every restaurant who opts to be on this list will put a page on their own site stating their adherence to serving only (or mostly) ethically raised/caught meats and fish which we could then link to. If enough restaurants are willing to express interest, we are more than happy to start crafting a pledge to share.

Our list of restaurants for Western Washington includes the San Juan Islands.

Western Washington Restaurants with Ethical Meat and Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

RestaurantMeatSeafood Notes
Allium on OrcasAllAllAllium uses local and sustainable ingredients, many from the San Juan Islands.

Our list of restaurants for Eastern Washington includes Spokane.

Eastern Washington Restaurants with Ethical Meat and Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

RestaurantMeatSeafood Notes
Latah BistroMostMostLatah Bistro prefers locally sourced ingredients from small, local farms.

Our list of restaurants for Portland includes several outlying neighborhoods.

Portland Restaurants with Ethical Meat and Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

RestaurantMeatSeafood Notes
Paley's PlaceAllAllPaley's Place uses local, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Ask your server for details.
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Hi there,

I really appreciate this site so much. Just wanted to say that I’d love it even more if there was a location listed next to the restaurant column. Sometimes I want to look for a restaurant in a particular place and as far as I can tell, there isn’t one where you can look up ethically sources ingredients in restaurants in Ballard, or Snohomish County…or wherever.

Thanks for listening!

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